Mineralogy Project Pages

  • Almandine Garnet by Abigail Anders and Damani Driver
  • Barite by Michael Coleman and Paul Mather
  • Chloritoid by Brittney Detienne and Scott Eckley
  • Grossular Garnet by Jesse Ash and Craig Winninger
  • Humite by Joel Johnson and Rachel Ribman
  • Kamacite–Taenite by Hannah Davis and Aaron Stubblefield
  • Majorite by Karessa Jared and Chad Melton
  • Mg Sulfate by Walter Buckner and Derrick Collie
  • Plagioclase by Robert Bales, Thomas Cianciolo, Ryan McNeilly
  • Ringwoodite by Abigail Harmon and Nicholas Stamper
  • Sillimanite by Clancy Oliver and Nicholas Wray
  • Spodumene by Albert Bertram and William Clarke

Graduate Student Pages

  • Kinetics of mineral reactions by Emily Nield
  • Applications of spectroscopy to mineralogy and Mars by Rachel Kronyak
  • Transformation processes in minerals by Tim Hahn
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